Free Space In ANDROID

How To Get Some Free Space In ANDROID

In today’s digital era each of us is equipped with a mobile and majority of mobile came with Android. Same operating system is available for laptop and tablets as well. Everyone using an android device has to face problem of storage issues. Here i will show some tips and tricks that will help you. How to get some free space in android. If you are using android device and facing storage problems. Than here is the full solution for your problem. Here we give you full step by step information about free space in android. There are some ways through which you get some free storage space. So let get start.

Cleaning Applications

Free Space In ANDROID

There are some ways through which you get some free up storage. but we are failed to find all those ways. If you want some space on your device. Than you need to start backup of all your data like photos, videos, files etc. This will help you to get some free space on your device. You have to download some apps from the google play store. One of my personal favorite app is Clean Master . Using it and its performance is quite impressive, Easily available on play store. .

Applications that save your space

Free Space In ANDROID

You should use cloud based apps it will store all your data on cloud. Resulting in smooth functioning of your device even with low memory. Cloud based apps are easily available with most of services. These are a must use because they just not solve your storage problem but also keep data safely. In the case of hard device stolen or damaged. No need to worry just log in your account with any internet device. After verification you can again use your data. Some highlighted cloud based application is Google photos from the play store. In this application you can save all your photos and videos. Than delete these photos and videos from the device. This is the best way to save your device storage. To do this all you need to do just follow these simple steps:-

  • Install Google photos app on your device.
  • Select the quality level for uploads.
  • Browse your images.
  • You can use assistant to get auto generated projects.
  • You are all set.

Google Drive

Free Space In ANDROID

This is one of the best and very useful way to save your device storage. Google drive is most usable and convenient. In fact in this you can save different things like word documents, Scanned documents, Ms Excel tables etc. That all with the ease of quick accessibility. Allows you to generate links that you can share with others with choice of view, edit. Like you can save your photos, videos, files, songs etc. In google drive you got a free space of 15 gb. It is a massive space hardly one have that much of data for personal use. If this is not enough for you. Than you can also increase this space to 100 gb. When you increase the space to 100 gb. Than you are ready to save anything in it up to 100 gb. But if you are not able to increase the storage.

Than there is a another trick that you can use easily for this all you need is gmail account. Google gives you 15 gb storage for one gmail account. But if you want some more space for free than you can make different gmail accounts. With every account you will get 15 gb of free cloud storage.Due to this you can enjoy limitlessly . by just creating more and more gmail accounts to feed your storage hunger. The files which you save in the google drive, delete them from your device to clear some space. Google drive is smart and effective way to use your data without any boundation and easily accessible. Sign up for google drive today. As it is free to use forever. But if you want to use more cloud storage crossing the limit you can choose premium version that will allow you to store and use data upto 100gb. With the comfort of single account.

Delete files you not need

You must check your device regularly. There are lots of unwanted files are present on the android device.some of them are your automatically saved history, cookies and so on. All these together can make your device functionality slower. If you need to get your device ready keep it clean of junk files as they increase storage. Harms your device functionality resulting in delay of your daily productivity too. To save yourself from this situation. Just find all those files and delete them permanently from the device. You can do this exercise manually on regular intervals or by the help of application which will perform this activity automatically for you. In fact you have to clear cache everyday. When you internet on your device. Than its save history of your browsing data. You have to clear all history and cache. If you do this than you are able to free up some on your device.


Like you that in some applications. When you open them. Than they show some ads. These ads take some space on your device. To prevent this you should download some antivirus. That protect your device from the unwanted files. check your device and if you find some save ads on it. Than select all those files and delete them from your device. Also if there are lots of music and videos present on your device. and you are not listen to them.

Than you should delete them. In fact you have to clear cache everyday. When you internet on your device. Than its save history of your browsing data. You have to clear all history and cache. If you do this than you are able to free up some on your device. Some bonus tips on saving your space are. You can use a hard drive while downloading data like pic, videos, etc.

Even flash drive is available easily ensuring download of quality data. It can be connected by the use of OTG cable. These devices cost very little on your pocket. Providing great functionality.


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